Thursday, May 22, 2008


Students love to play bingo. In this post you'll see two bingo generators.
With these you can make bingo cards for a variety of topics including vocabulary words. Type your words in the bingo generator. Rather than calling out the vocabulary word, call out the definition so the students will have to know the meaning. If you're studying states and capitals, you could enter the states then call out the capitals, or the other way around. What about putting in random numbers, then calling out 5 x 5? or 12 ÷4? I'm sure you'll come up with lots of ideas.
I like using bingo cards for literature books. Students have to read books in a row, column, diagonal, or 4 corners. I've made them with Jan Brett books, Newbery Award and Honor books, various genres, and authors. This encourages students to read a variety of books.
I found the reading level of each book on the Newbery Award list. Most of them are 4th grade through 7th grade. Then I color coded them for each reading level. I decided which student received which color. This worked really well!
Depending on the level of the books, this could be their free reading over an entire semester or a nine weeks period. Extra credit could be given to students who read extra books. Of course, you need some way to evaluate their comprehension of the book. There are zillions of ways to do this. I have a long list I'll share in another post.
Try either one of these sites:
Print Custom Bingo Cards
Educational Press
Educational Press also has generators for flash cards, study guides, game boards, and more.

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