Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am totally fascinated by Infonation. Compare up to 7 countries according to these five categories: Health, Technology, Environment, Population, and Economy. Within each category are several statistics. Compare their population according to 0-14 year olds, projected population in 2050, population density, and more. Population density is sometimes difficult for students to understand. By clicking on the words 'population density' on the newly created bar graph, an explanation will pop up.
Economy is another tough concept for students to grasp. Have them choose what they think is a wealthy country and compare it to a third world country. Choose the category 'economy' then choose from several choices: gpd, poverty rate, educational expenditures, etc.
One of the features that I particularly like about this is that you can have six bar graphs showing at one time. Students can compare countries and then draw some conclusions from the statistics. A little research might be necessary to understand why certain countries have so many refugees, or why the birth mortality rate is so high in some countries, or why some countries have very little Internet access.
If your class is partnering with a class in another country through ePals you'll want to have them compare the two countries. Hopefully Infonation will help students understand many differences or similarities between the countries. Use Infonation for current events also. When a country is in the news check out Infonation, specifically on one of the five categories that pertains to why it is in the news.