Monday, March 17, 2008

Porta Potties

Ha! That's what everyone calls them. What I really want to talk about are portaportals. The portaportals are a type of social bookmarking. That means that your Internet bookmarks are available to others and can be accessed on any computer. is a wonderful tool for social bookmarking. I think it is great for teachers but I like the look of the portals for students. happens to be blocked in our district.
I use the portal over other social bookmarking sites because of its organizational structure. Teachers set up categories according to the topics they are studying. Students can easily find the web resources . No more having to type in long web addresses. I've also found that students are more motivated to practice interactive educational games when the teacher has them readily available on their portal.
I add resources to my portal for teachers. You are encouraged to copy these and add them to your portal for your students. Like anything else you create for the web, plan out your portal before you start creating it. The planning will save you time! What categories do you want to set up? Do you want to create a general category such as math, then create subcategories within math, such as fractions, geometry, etc. ? You want this to be easy for students to maneuver.
Here's a tutorial on portaportals that I created using Voice Thread for third grade teachers. Maybe it will help you as you create a portaportal for your students. Let me know if you need help! That's what I'm here for.

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