Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great Geography Ideas!!!

Gail Hennessey has been teaching 6th grade Social Studies for years and is published in many children's magazines. Gail's site has many fabulous ideas for teaching geography.
Most of you are probably too young to remember the game show, "To Tell the Truth." Gail has written several plays on historical characters. She is offering them ALL for free. Download one and see what you think. My students loved these!
"Where in Europe is My Teacher?" is one of my favorite activities. I created a little book with her descriptions and added pictures of the places. I personalized the last page of the book to be in a place I would have liked to visit - Brussels, the home of our former foreign exchange student. I have a copy of the book I created if you'd like to see it.
Geographic Alphabet Safari is another favorite activity. I also made this into a book for my students. Each week they completed a page. We used Google Earth to pinpoint the places on the map. Students were given extra credit if they found some fascinating information about that place. They couldn't share just simple facts like the capital city is . . . , or the President is . . . Facts more like "it is home to the world's deepest lake" or "this is the place of Julius Caesar's birth" are considered fascinating.
Use some of her ideas to create some of your own cyberhunts that match your curriculum. I've started one called, "Kansas GeoSafari?" If anyone is interested I'd be happy to share with you what I have.

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