Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eeeeek . . . I Lost My Toolbox

I worked hard on a flipchart for the first graders on counting change. I went through each page of the flipchart with a fine tooth comb, making minor changes every time I looked at it. Today was the big day to actually try it out with students. I walked in feeling rather confident. The kids had their marker boards and a bag with change in it all ready to go! I opened ActivInspire and realized very quickly that my toolbox was missing! This has happened before so I calmly quit ActivInspre and opened it again. Still no toolbox! I looked under every menu and tried various icons. I quit ActivInspire again and it still didn't come up. So we went on anyway. Lucky for me I had used the drag and drop action to put the forward, reset, and eraser tools on each page. Well, we had to revamp somewhat!
Once the lesson was over and I had a couple of minutes to regroup I searched for the solution to the missing tool box. This seems to be a bug in ActivInspire's latest version. If this ever happens to you do this:
1. open the preferences (found under ActivInspire in the upper left hand corner)
2. choose the layout tab
3. change the location of the main toolbox. You can always change it back if you want.
That's it! Your toolbox should now be showing again! I just want you all to know the solution in the event it ever happens to you.
BTW, I didn't kick and scream at my computer. I didn't throw out my plans. I just had to revamp. The first graders were just fine with it! I'm going back in next week and we'll complete the lesson. It's going to work flawlessly!

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