Monday, May 24, 2010

Instructional Strategies Online

Let's just be honest here. Sometimes our teaching gets boring! You know it! But why is that? Could it be that we're teaching the same topic again year after year after year and we're teaching it the same way we've always taught it? I'm almost bored to tears just typing that last sentence! (yawn, yawn) I'm going to suggest we take a look at some new and different instructional strategies. Yes, we probably have to teach the same content we've taught for years but there are no rules that say we have to teach it in the same manner! Take a look at Instructional Strategies Online. Do what you have to do here. Print out some of these strategies, write them in your lesson plan book (if you're still using one!), bookmark this site! Vow to use a different strategy everyday until these strategies become more commonplace in your classroom. Your students will start begging for strategies! We all love variety and novelty. Change things up a little. Get your students involved and engaged. This site just might be what you've been needing!

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