Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Interesting Posts Tonight

Kansas bloggers (well, 2 of us anyway) spent their New Years Eve blogging. Marcia from Maize just posted three great calendar sites with fabulous lesson ideas. The first two she posted are free. Don't forget to check out the calendar feature in Discovery Streaming also.

On the Tech Crunch blog there's a post about a larger iPod coming out in the fall of 2009. Apparently it is a 7" or 9" iPod Touch. I think this looks like another amazing Apple innovation!

A Geeky Momma blogged 10 sites to help us all become healthier in 2009. These include apps for the iPhone, sites to help you keep track of your exercise, calorie counters, and lots more.

AND I love the collage on Diane Cordell's blog which showcases her life in 2008. What a great idea!

Thanks bloggers for helping me bring in the new year!

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